Shoulder strap it is a notion with various uses. The term is often used to refer to a band that cross back and chest, extending from one shoulder to the opposite hip.

Shoulder strapThe shoulder straps allow hang different objects, facilitating your transfer. That which is carried on the shoulder strap does not need to be carried in the hands.

It is common for this type of shoulder bag to be used to carry weapons, like a sword or a rifle. The shoulder strap also allows you to carry the pouch and other elements that are part of the armament.

It is known as a bandolier, while bag that can be hung from one shoulder or whose strap is crossed over the back and chest in diagonal. Although their origins are remote, these shoulder bags became popular from 1970.

On the other hand, a bandolier is a bandit: a woman dedicated to crime or what has no scruples. Bandits and bandits used to commit robberies on roads and in unpopulated areas.

The phenomenon of banditry it was prevalent in ancient times. These criminals assaulted those who crossed forests or desert regions, attacking in the middle of the way. Bandits and bandits generally acted in a band.

“Shoulder strap”Finally, it is the title of a Serie of Spanish production TV. Created by Tirso Calero, was issued by Antenna 3 Come in 2011 Y 2013.

The first season of “Shoulder strap” He had 168 episodes, while the second reached the 342 chapters. Marta Hazas, Carles francino, Isak ferriz Y Tomás del Estal are some of the actors who starred in this proposal.