The notion of baffle, which comes from the English word baffle, you can refer to a speaker or more specifically to the acoustic box that allows to optimize the quality of the sound emitted by a speaker.

BaffleIn any case, to understand what a speaker is you first have to focus on the idea of speaker. Called speakers In some countries, speakers are devices that allow the transformation of electric current into sound.

This means that, as a loudspeaker, a subwoofer is a electroacoustic transducer: converts the electricity in a sound wave. The process, in its initial step, involves the conversation of electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is then converted into sound.

Thanks to the speakers, we can hear the sounds of an audio equipment. The ear of the human being it is able to capture the sound waves that travel through the air, transforming them into the nerve impulses that the brain processes.

What acoustic box, the speaker is the structure in which a loudspeaker is placed. In this framework, the loudspeaker is responsible for transforming electricity into sound and emitting the vibrations that the ear perceives, while the baffle allows to improve the quality of said sound.

The closed baffles they are the simplest and most popular. These baffles are constituted as hermetic boxes that prevent the output of the rear wave from the speakers, since they absorb it and convert it into hot that dissipate.

Speakers should not be confused with waffles. A waffle or waffle it’s a pie or biscuit of Belgian origin that is cooked on a plate (the waffle iron or waffle iron), which gives it the shape of a grid.