AtrociousAtrocious, with origin in the Latin word atrox, is an adjective that has negative connotations. The first meaning mentioned by the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) in your dictionary refers to what is brutal, heartless, bloodthirsty or cruel.

For example: “Nazism was an atrocious regime that tortured and murdered an enormous number of people”, “Atrocious crime in Villa San Jacinto: they find a beheaded child with ritual marks on his body”, “A fire atrocious leaves as a balance eight fatalities “.

The atrocious is something that results inhuman. While any murder is terrible, when the perpetrator shows viciousness and exaggerated brutality, the act can be described as heinous.

It is important to note that the meaning of atrocious is subjective, which is why it is linked to various issues that make the social, cultural, historical, economic and political context. As if this were not enough, within each community and, why not, each family group, the concept can be understood in different ways and acquire very particular nuances.

The industry Livestock is undoubtedly one of the greatest sources of wealth for human beings, and most people consume all kinds of products of animal origin, firmly believing in the benefits they bring to their health: cow’s milk, for For example, it is usually linked to various positive effects on our body, thanks to powerful advertising campaigns that use specific terms to capture the attention of consumers and convince them that science approves and recommends their consumption.

However, there are also animalistic people, who consider animal exploitation a heinous and unacceptable act, something that should never have existed and that certainly should disappear once and for all. For a vegan individual, animals have the same right to freedom as any other living being, and that is enough to invalidate any form of exploitation.

AtrociousCulture makes the same plate of food that for some represents a real delicacy for others is nothing more than a disgusting painting made up of pieces of an animal that was tortured and killed. Regardless of the debate that this may provoke and the position of each one, it is very curious that in our species there are such opposite ideas and points of view, especially when the main topic is the right to life and liberty.

That which, for its features, it is enormous and has a lot gravity, also receives the rating of atrocious: “Floods are an atrocious problem for this region”, “The stowaways reached the coast after twenty days adrift, with sunburn and a terrible hunger”, “It was an atrocious defeat for the European team: they fell 9 to 1 at home and suffered the expulsion of four players”.

The adjective atrocious, finally it applies to what is regarded as unpleasant or very bad: “The truth is that I had a terrible morning: I was in a car accident, I was late for work and I found out that three clients had gone to the competition”, “The meeting was atrocious and there was no agreement”, “This movie is atrocious, I don’t understand how a filmmaker can come up with shooting such scenes”.

In this sense, the term does not define such serious situations but is used in an exaggerated way to reflect the frustration or the anger that they provoke in the person who must face them and bear their consequences, such as a bad day at the office, a failed business or an outing to the movies that was not very entertaining.