The first thing we have to know about this term at hand, before its meaning, is the etymological origin it has. In this case, it must be established that it comes from the Greek word “astron”, which can be translated as “star”. A noun that later came to Latin as “astrum”, which was what ended up being in Castilian astro.

This concept refers to a celestial body: an individual astronomical object found in the Darling.

StarThe stars, in this way, are celestial bodies that have a definite shape. The variety of stars is immense and is organized through different classifications according to their features and its size.

A planet is a star. It is a celestial body that revolves around a star and, thanks to the fact that it reflects lights, it is possible to observe it even if it lacks its own light. Continuing with this definition, we can say that the Land is a star, just like Mars, Jupiter, Venus and the rest of the planets.

The stars, which are celestial bodies capable of emitting light, are also called stars. The Sun, Antares and the Pleiades are some of these stars.

The review by the different types of stars leads us to include in the set other celestial bodies such as asteroids, the satellites and the Tiny planets.

We cannot ignore that when speaking of the Sun, it is often referred to as the Astro Rey. And it is that it is the most important source of electromagnetic radiation in the planetary system.

It should be noted that the notion of star, on the other hand, is used to name the stars, in a symbolic sense, of a art or a profession. These “Stars” are the personalities that stand out for their talent, their ability, their importance, etc .: “Lionel Messi has been the most important star in world football for many years”, “The visit of the blues star to our country was confirmed by his representative”, “Due to the number of stars it has in the squad, defeating the United States basketball team is almost impossible”.

Astro is, in the same way, a music group formed by six boys (Moonbin, Jinjin, Cha Eunwoo, Rocky, MJ and Yoon Sanha) and who hails from South Korea. Specifically, it is what is known as a “boy band”. It was launched in 2015 and released its first album in 2016 under the title “Spring Up”.

One of his best known songs is “Hide & Seek”, his fan club goes by the name of AROHA (Astro Hearts All Fans) and some of its members have even participated in reality shows.

In the same way, we cannot forget the existence of what is known as the Super Astro. This is a game of chance that exists in Colombia where the player places his bet based on a number of up to four figures and one of the twelve signs of the zodiac.