AssociationAssociation is the action and effect of associating or associating (to join one person to another to collaborate in some job, join one thing with another for the same purpose, establish a relationship between things or people).

An association, therefore, is the set of associates for the same purpose. This set can form a legal person. For instance: “The Association of Seamstresses of San Martín has elected a new president”, “The coach affirmed that the Bolivian Football Association should respond to the claims”, “I would like to form an association to help underprivileged children”.

In general, the concept of association is used to refer to a Non-profit entity and managed democratically by its partners, with the purpose of developing commercial activities allocating the benefit to social work.

It is possible to distinguish between different types of associations, such as volunteer association wave Association of neighbors: “I have been talking with Carlos to get together with other neighbors and form an association that deals with the problems of the neighborhood”, “An association of volunteers has made it possible to rebuild the houses damaged by the storm”.

The defense of the rights of animals It is one of the most frequent objectives of associations, and this is due to the destructive and inconsiderate action of many human beings, who take advantage of the eternal compassion of the rest of the living beings. To combat the high number of animals that are abandoned per year, or that are victims of physical attacks, there are various groups of people who dedicate their efforts to helping them and trying to find them a home in which they respect them and give them the love they so badly need. .

AssociationOn the other hand, there is the International Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (its acronym is ILGA, since the original name is International Lesbian and Gay Association), an international federation that promotes respect for the Rights for people of such sexualities around the world. It is worth mentioning that discrimination based on sexual orientation is a problem that causes a large number of suicides every year.

For the psychology, the behavior association it is the functional relationship between a stimulus and a response as a result of experience. At psychoanalysis, is known as free association to the technique that consists of the patient expressing all his ideas and thoughts without restriction, selection or filter.

The association is also a Literary figure which is based on saying of many what is applicable to one or more, with the aim of attenuating the praise or censure of the rest.

Throughout our life, we make millions of links between the concepts we learn, between the people we meet, between the sites we visit. We cannot avoid establishing an association between summer and the scent of those flowers that used to be in our childhood home, or between spring and our first adolescent love … But these are just two poorly defined examples, which represent one of the infinite possible relationships between events, places and times, since each living being builds them freely and spontaneously, without being able to force or avoid them.

With regard to the verb associate, it is usually used accompanied by the preposition with to indicate that two or more individuals have joined with a end in common, as in the case of an organization or a company, and the preposition to when it is intended to indicate a certain relationship between a person and a concept, or between two concepts. Let’s look at some example sentences: “Marcos has partnered with Laura to found the magazine”, “His name is associated with the liberation of women”.