A text it’s a written or oral speech that has coherence. Argumentative, for its part, is that related to a argument (the subject of a work or the reasoning that allows a demonstration).

Argumentative textIt is called argumentative text, therefore, by speech who wields different reasons with the aim of achieving the persuasion of the receiver. The issuer, in this way, presents reasons to support an idea or refute an alien thought.

In addition to all the above, it is worth knowing that the argumentative text is determined by a very specific structure. We are referring to the fact that it must have three fundamental parts:
-The introduction, which will be a brief exposition of the facts and which must be able to catch the attention of the receiver.
-The development, in which the person who exposes the argumentative text is in charge of establishing what the arguments and ideas or evidence that support their position are.
-The conclusion that, as we can imagine, comes to establish the summary of the above, of the situation, and of the reasons that are wielded.

We cannot ignore either that the aforementioned development, which is the second part of this delimited structure, can be of two types:
– Dialogue, which is when it is based on what are the arguments, statements and refutations or replies.
-Monologated, when it is based solely on what is the position of a single person.

In the same way, it is necessary to underline the fact that the arguments used in this argumentative text that we are dealing with can be classified into several groups:
-In fact, they are the ones that are based on tests that can be verified.
-Authority, which are based on what is the idea of ​​a person of recognized authority.
-Rational, when they start from what are truths or positions of the majority of society.
-Sentimental, which are those that appeal to remove the feelings of the receiver.

While a information text is limited to communicating a situation or an issue, the argumentative text tries to convince the reader or the listener of something. Suppose a journalist comments: “The government authorized a new mining operation in the north of the country”. This text is informative: it only presents information, without making any assessment or trying to persuade the receiver.

Instead, the journalist can point out: “The government authorized a new mining operation in the north of the country. It is a very dangerous project as experts say that the river that supplies drinking water to 50,000 people will be polluted. This, in the long term, could lead to congenital diseases. In addition, mining will damage agriculture and livestock as it will affect the substrate, according to experts from a university. That is why citizens should oppose this government decision and protest “. In this case, the text is argumentative because it presents reasons to face the project endorsed by the government.

It is important to mention that, beyond the journalism, the argumentative text is also used in other areas, as in the science and in the judicial field.