Are fritos bad for dogs?


Are fritos bad for dogs?


  • Shannon,

    Many dog foods contain corn. SOME dogs will EVENTUALLY develop an allergy to corn if they eat it. Just like some humans develop allergies to shrimp, chocolate, strawberries, melons, nuts, and other things.

    Are fritos toxic to a dog? No. Are they healthy? No. Would I worry if my dog ate a handful? Not at all. Would I let them have a whole bag? No way in hell because of the salt and stomach distress. They would throw it up anyway. Would I feed my dog a few fritos if they wanted some? sure.

    Unless your sister and some of the posters can provide any evidence of substance, I would not worry. In fact – go ahead and ask a vet. Print out what I’ve said and run it past them. They will confirm it.


    ps. For the poster that said no human food is good for dogs – would that include steak? ᑕнιcκen? Salmon?

  • Fritos are bad. They are filled with salt. They can also scratch the dog’s throat.

  • Fritos are corn chips. A lot of dogs are allergic to corn. However, one isn’t going to hurt your dog. He will be fine. They’re definitely not great for dogs (especially if your dog is allergic to corn), but one is fine.

  • Fritos is made of 96% starch and potatoes and not dangerous for animals. It does have higher salt content, so remember to have water to hydrate the animals mouth after it has eaten.

  • Yes, they’re pretty bad. If your dog has an allergy to corn (fairly common) even worse, since that’s the main ingredient. Either way, they can’t digest them properly.

  • No idea what they are, but if they are processed snacks then they are not the best you can give a dog.

    A small piece of cheese, banana, raw carrot, apple or better still make some homemade dog treats.

  • any human food is bad for a dog

  • I’ve heard that if you feed them anything other than regular dog food they will get pancreatisis.

  • Yes they have corn in it…dogs can’t digest corn and it often gives them allergies..

  • yes they are very bad for dogs – corn, they are fried and full of preservatives

    they arent really great for people either

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