Any good kickline songs to kick and dance to??


Any good kickline songs to kick and dance to??


  • Soak Up The Sun

    Rama Lama Bang Bang (by Roisen Murphy)

    Candy Man (by Christina Aguilera)

    Summer Love (by Justin Timberlake) [though I recommend cutting it shorter, it’s kind of long]

    Potential Break-Up Song (by Aly & AJ)

    Here It Goes Again (by OK Go)

  • Loud by Big & Rich

    Good Little Girls by Blue County

    The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders performed their kickline with these songs.

  • you could always speed up 80’s rock songs like

    ” we didnt start the fire” or “come on feel the noise”

    “dancing in heaven” is a good one

    or cascada songs like “bad boy”, “truly madly deeply”, and “everytime we touch”

    uhmmm “baby look at us” is good

    “if you could read my mind”-starz on 54

    “black betty” is fun to kick to

    sorry i dont have many artist names but i hope this helps!

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