It is known as prepartum to phase prior to Birth. Is named Birth or deliveryMeanwhile, the process through which a woman expels from her womb, at the right time, the fetus that developed inside her.

PrepartumThe idea of ‚Äč‚Äčantepartum can be used to refer to the stage in which the body of the pregnant woman she is preparing for the delivery. In this sense, labor can last from a few hours to two weeks.

During labor, the mucous plug is lost, slight dilation develops, and pressure on the rectum and pelvis increases. Sporadic uterine contractions also increase. However, these symptom they vary and are not always detectable.

The concept of antepartum can also be used with reference to general preparation for childbirth, both for women and men. In this framework we speak of prepartum course or childbirth classes: meetings that help the couple learn everything necessary to facilitate the birth of the baby.

Prepartum courses include breathing and relaxation exercises for the pregnant and techniques to control pain. It also explains a variety of issues so that a woman can detect if something abnormal happens during labor.

These prepartum courses also usually include useful teachings for the first weeks after the birth of the child: from how to change diapers to the best way to breastfeed, through the ways to bathe the baby safely.