AnnihilateThe Latin word nihil can be translated as “any”. The verb annihilate finds in this term its etymological root: it is the action that consists of reduce something to nothing.

Annihilate, therefore, is associated with demolish, break, raze, devastate or destroy. By example: “If I win the elections and become president, I promise to annihilate drug trafficking”, “Doctors will try to kill cancer cells with a novel treatment”, “Musicians and producers came together to develop a plan that will allow them to annihilate the piracy that takes place over the Internet”.

According to the context, the idea to annihilate can be used with reference to to disappear. It can be said, in this framework, that the Nazi regime tried to annihilate the Jewish community and other groups on German territory through a systematic massacre.

A attack in the framework of a war you can search annihilate the enemy. Beyond the eventual respect for laws, regulations or even ethical principles, the purpose of a military offensive tends to pursue the defeat of the opponent, either by causing their destruction or surrender.

As can be seen from the examples presented so far, the concept can have very different connotations, both positive and negative. While annihilating the piracy It is a constructive goal, killing all individuals of a certain religion or race cannot be accepted under any point of view.

Despite the versatility of this term, it allows you to refer to almost any process that its purpose is to make something disappear, someone or to end a certain situation, is not usually used in everyday speech, but is reserved for written language.

Returning to the case of piracy, one of the biggest problems in the entertainment industry, in informal conversation it is common to say “end piracy” rather than “annihilate.” On the other hand, this verb can appear in everyday speech if it refers to a massacre such as the one that took place during the rise of Nazism, perhaps to give the speech a more serious and respectful tone, and to emphasize the suffering of the millions of victims and their relatives.

Annihilation, on the other hand, can be associated with a deterioration advanced: “The government is going to annihilate the productive apparatus of the nation if it insists with these types of policies”, “The tax increase managed to wipe out my finances”.

AnnihilateThis meaning is usually used in contexts such as politics and economics, since it refers to a series of negative consequences of certain government measures, or of any body with sufficient can as to influence large groups of people and affect their well-being.

The notion of annihilating also appears in the physical. When a material particle meets its corresponding antiparticle, the mass belonging to both is converted into other particles or into Energy. The process is known as annihilate and the encounter, as particle-antiparticle annihilation.

For particle-antiparticle annihilation to take place, it is necessary that the two intersect in a state proper quantum. In the field of quantum mechanics, it is understood by quantum state of entities or material objects to the set of forms or situations that can be physically distinguished through the measurement of their properties (what is called physical state) that they show at a given moment.

The most common type of particle-antiparticle annihilation is the complete conversion into energy of the mass of a positron and an electron. Since the process of pair annihilation arises from electromagnetic interaction, the issue Energy is always given as gamma rays.