AndroidIs named android yet robot whose appearance is similar to that of a human being. Androids are automaton machines that, due to their configuration, are in a position to imitate certain actions carried out by man.

Androids are very popular in the field of Science fiction. In literature and in the cinema, the creation of highly advanced androids, endowed with artificial intelligence and capable of surpassing the world, has often been imagined. man in many aspects. In reality, however, the abilities of the androids are more limited.

If we focus on the books, an example of an android is the character of R. Daneel Olivaw, devised by Isaac asimov. This android helps the detective Elijah Baley in the investigation of different crimes. In the film industry, one of the most famous androids is Terminator T-800, interpreted by Arnold schwarzenegger.

For the scienceCopying the physical appearance of the human being is a great challenge that, at times, makes no sense, since machines can perform certain human tasks without the need for a similar physical structure. There are androids, however, that became known for their degree of development, such as ASIMO, created by Sling on 2000. This android, in addition to claiming to promote scientific study, can assist individuals with mobility problems. In any case, neither ASIMO nor any other real android have managed to achieve, so far, the functioning of fictional androids, although experts continue to work on the subject.

AndroidCinema often presents the potential problems of populating the Earth with androids smart that coexist with human beings. Taking up the case of the film series TerminatorWhen the processors reach a level of artificial intelligence and autonomy that is too high, they manage to take over the power of the world and subject the human being to their will, beginning an era of terror from which there seems to be no way out; For this reason, the leader of the revolution against machines, John Connor, sends an android to the past to prevent technology from advancing to that point.

It is a very particular plot, in which the human being uses the technology who has managed to dominate it against her own, since she considers it the only weapon capable of destroying herself. Although at the time of the launch of the first two installments of Terminator There was still no mobile phone or flat screen televisions, today we live among devices that communicate with each other, and this includes such “basic” appliances as refrigerators; for this reason, it is a peculiar case among well-known science fiction stories, since it becomes more realistic with the passage of time.

The movie “The substitutes«, Directed by Jonathan Mostow and starring Bruce Willis and Radha Mitchell, presented a quite different proposal in 2009: it narrates the difficult reality of a future time in which human beings no longer leave their homes, but control androids that represent them in the outside world to carry out their daily activities, be it going to work, shopping or spending time with their friends. The fear of aging, unfailingly linked to death, is one of the main themes of this story in which people are ashamed to show their true appearance and prefer to remain inert for much of their day while giving them their life to a doll.

In any case, the main problem of the human being seems the lack of satisfaction with the tools that nature has given him: the creation of weapons, means of transport and robots, among many other tools that he uses to enhance his abilities. abilities, is a clear example of it.