The concept of ancestry refers to the ancestors of a person: that is, to their ancestors. The fathers, the grandparents, the great grandparents and the rest of the ancestors of an individual constitute the ancestry of the subject in question.

AncestryLet’s suppose Juan, Luke Y Peter they are familiar. Juan he’s the father of Luke and the grandfather of Peter; Luke, the son of Juan and the father of Peter; Y Peter, the grandson of Juan and the son of Luke. In the ancestry of the smallest member of the group (Peter), therefore, they are Luke Y Juan.

The idea descent is also used to refer to the origin of someone or something. If you talk about a American woman of Mexican descent, to mention one possibility, it will be indicating that your family roots are in Mexico. The woman, thus, was born in the territory of USA and / or have US citizenship, but have Mexican ancestry.

Take the case of buseca that is consumed in Argentina. It’s about a stew It is prepared with tripe or tripe (part of the cow’s stomach), potatoes (potatoes), beans (beans or beans) and other ingredients. This dish is from Italian ancestry, since it arose in the region of Lombardy.

On astrology, ancestry is linked to birth schedule of the individual. There’s a sun sign which is defined by the date of birth, while the time at birth determines the rising sign. According to astrologers, ancestry influences behavior.