The Latin word absorptus came to our idiom What absorbed. This adjective is used to qualify someone who is dumbfounded, self-absorbed, or very focused.

AbsorbedFor instance: “My teenage son is so absorbed in his phone that he doesn’t pay attention to me when I talk to him”, “Absorbed in his thoughts, the man did not even notice the tragedy that unfolded next to him”, “If you are absorbed in work, you will not be able to solve your family problems, so I suggest you find a balance”.

Suppose a young man sits down to read a mystery novel in a park. Absorbed in the plot of the book, the boy is not aware of what is happening around him. In this way, he does not look at those who are walking nearby or listen to anyone.

Someone absorbed, in short, is thoughtful or abstracted. What your interest it worries, subjugates, or dazzles him, thereby losing contact with the outside.

A child absorbed in a cartoon movie, to mention a case, surely will not respond when spoken to. This is because all your attention it is placed on the screen, a peculiarity that makes it, in a certain way, disconnect from everything else.

Sometimes the concept of absorbed is used with reference to a group of persons, to an entity or something abstract: “A country absorbed in its past is not in a position to progress”, “I notice a government absorbed in the economy when there are many other issues to attend to”, “A society absorbed in the virtual cannot generate real changes”.