Jake is planning a trip to china. he has made a list of cities he would like to visit, as well as the approximate amount of money he plans to spend in each as a result of travel, lodging, shopping, and so on. all costs are listed in renminbi (¥). city cost (¥) tianjin 557 nanjing 681 zhengzhou 595 beijing 728 wuhan 449 chengdu 534 unfortunately, jake only has ¥2,920 available. what is the cheapest city that jake can remove from his travel plans and still stay under budget? a. tianjin b. wuhan c. nanjing d. beijing


Option C. Nanjing is the right choice.

Step by step explanation:

Jake is planning a trip to China. If we add costs to all the cities then we get 557 + 681 + 595 + 728 + 449 + 534 = 3544, which means Jake should have at least 3544 yuan for the trip.

Unfortunately, Jake has 2920 yuan available and has to exclude one cheapest city from his trip.

The difference is 3544-2920 = 624 Therefore if he excludes Nanjing which has an expenditure of 681 yuan, his trip will remain under budget.

Option C. Nanjing is the answer.