At the metal-casting company where you work, you must set up a conveyor system to move castings from the furnace to the heat treatment area 55 yards away. the castings cool at the rate of 0.3°f (degrees fahrenheit) per second and must not be allowed to cool more than 7°f before being heat treated. what is the minimum speed, in feet per second, that the conveyor must move?


2.35 yards / second or 7.07 tr / sec

Step by step explanation:

The length to be covered is 55 yards.

The casting cools at a rate 0.3 ^  circ  text F. and the temperature cannot be allowed to cool more than 7 ^  circ  text F..

We know that,  text {distance} =  frac { text {speed}} { text {time}}

By the time the temperature reaches 7 ^  circ  text F., it will take around,

 frac {7} {0.3} = 23.33  text s, so it will take about 23.33 seconds.

Also, 55 yards = 55  times 3 = 165 ft

So the minimum speed at which the carrier must move,

 frac {165} {23.33} = 7.07 ft / s

Hence, the speed of transport is 7.07 feet per second.