Even more extensively maintained gas heaters end up being damaged and appliance faults can begin to show. Many users do not know what to do to repair the gas heater when it breaks down. Although they are designed to withstand a lot of activity for a long time, the pressure ends up wearing down the heater. That is why we want to give you a series of guidelines and tips so that you can identify what is happening to your gas heater.

Gas Water Heater not working

Causes of repair on a gas heater


All materials end up wearing out over time . That is why the repair of the gas heater is necessary. Dust, friction from water, rust and other types of corrosion related to the passage of time can eventually damage critical parts of your gas heater. Keep this in mind when you need to repair gas heaters .


The passage of fuel and water through the pipes have a wear effect on the pipes and heater mechanisms that makes it necessary to repair gas heaters. Think of the heater as a chamber in which the gas is burned to produce a flare. Therefore, it has to withstand the pressure of the hot air inside and they end up needing a repair. The consumption of these substances ends up causing failure of gas heaters.


The number of hours the gas heater is running has a lot to do with the rate of wear and tear and when you will need to repair a gas heater. A heater in a warm area with high activity only in winter will need less repair than a home in a cold area with year-round activity. All machinery has wear and tear from hours of use, and gas heater repair is no exception. As much as you take care of yourself, you have to know how to do it.

Components most in need of repair

In all household appliances there are components that are more likely to break down , since they support much of the wear and tear activity. The most normal thing is that when you have a fault in your gas heater you go to a professional so that he can help you as quickly as possible. Below we want to explain the parts of a gas heater that normally suffer breakdowns:


The coil is the circuit of pipes through which the water circulates inside the heater . As you already know, the water enters the coil, which is placed near the flame of the burning gas . When the coil heats up, the water inside it also heats up.

Many times, the lime and other substances in the water end up clogging the coil , so the water does not flow normally and this causes a malfunction that makes a repair of the gas heater mandatory. This repair of a gas heater is quite simple and not very intrusive.

Gas regulator

It is a component that meters the gas flow into the heater . It is used to ensure that a reasonable amount of gas escapes to the burners that heat the coil. If too much gas comes out, there will be a waste of fuel and an increase in expense , making repair of the gas heater mandatory. If not enough comes out, the water will not heat up to a suitable temperature. Being subjected to the constant friction of gas, the gas regulator is a very common component of failure. Keep this in mind when you need to repair your gas heater.

Heater membrane

Another major component that often breaks down in a gas heater is the heater membrane. In addition, it is essential for proper operation and, if it does not work, it must be repaired. It is a piece of rubber submerged in water that, when receiving a flow of water, acts as a warning for the heater , and this is activated. . The flexibility of the rubber, over time, ends up wearing out. So the specialists, the first thing they look at is whether the heater membrane is in good condition.

Most common problems in a gas heater

Most heaters share the same vulnerabilities and wear points , so repairing a gas heater is usually the same for all users. Almost everyone has the same problems. Here is a list of the most common breakdowns that need a gas heater repair:

Power on and off issues

This may be due to the heater membrane . This erroneously alerts the heater that there is water that needs to be heated entering the coil, or the gas regulator. If it does not properly filter the required gas flow, the gas heater must be repaired. In these cases, it is very important to repair the gas heater as soon as possible . Since uncontrolled burning of gas can cause accidents.

Water leaks

It may happen that the coil has breaks or that the parts that connect the water inlet and outlet have become loose . Or just that the gas heater has a drip of water. The gas heater should be repaired immediately, as it can damage the heater mechanisms or other elements of the home (for example, a wooden floor, which could warp with moisture). It is important to keep in mind not to delay the repair of the gas heater.

Blockages and plugging in pipes

The water carries with it certain substances, such as lime , which can end up causing blockages and plugging in the pipes inside the gas heater that make it necessary to repair them. This ends up causing the water to not flow normally to the tap.

Lack of water pressure

Gas needs pressure to rise to the heater and burn normally . Sometimes when the water comes out cold from the hot water tap, it is because the heater does not have enough pressure and cannot get the flame necessary to heat the water. This is a very common problem and it is necessary to repair the gas heater as soon as possible so that the problem does not get worse.

Appearance of strange noises

Many times, the appearance of strange noises in a gas heater is a sign that there is a loose or broken part . Otherwise, it can cause friction with other components of the heater. It is very important to check what is causing this strange noise, as it can be an essential part for the safe operation of the device.

Gas Water Heater not working

What to do when you need a gas heater repair?

First of all, you must remember that a failure in the gas heater is not only very serious, but it also prevents you from having the normal supply of domestic hot water in your home. That is why it is advisable to repair the gas heater as soon as possible . That little problem that hardly causes any discomfort can be the prelude to, in the best of cases, that you run out of hot water or, in the worst, that there is a problem that can cause damage to your home or your health.

Check the problem yourself but always safely

In some cases, you can safely check where the problem is. For example, many heaters have the option of increasing or decreasing the heater pressure with a wheel on the outside of the housing. If you increase the pressure and the hot water just starts to flow, you will know that this is where the problem lies.

Technical assistance service

Most heater companies and manufacturers have a phone number you can call when you need a gas heater repair. If you describe the situation to them, they can advise you from a distance . Since they are the experts, their judgment is very important.

Online platforms

There are many internet forums and other online platforms. Users share their doubts and experiences with experts and other users who advise them remotely. It is a way to find possible causes to the failure of a gas heater and the most conducive way to repair it.

Home assistance insurance

If your home insurance includes the heater or you have taken out specific insurance , when in doubt, always notify the incident. Maintenance and repairs are a type of service that is normally included.

Call a technician

If you do not have insurance, you will need to call a professional who knows how to repair a gas heater . In no case try to do it yourself. He will know how to identify the cause of the problem and how to solve it . You may be reluctant to pay their fees, but think that you are investing in your well-being and that of your loved ones. Always put yourself in the hands of a person qualified for the job.