Which of the following explains why a small conflict in the balkans spread to all of Europe


1. The Great Powers Trying to Prevent Unrest in the Balkans from War – The Balkans are often referred to as “powder keg” because the conditions were ripe for an explosion but needed a spark.

2. Serbs in Russia wanted to help Serbs in Serbia – Serbs share ethnic roots with the surrounding countries especially those with an Orthodox religious background.

3. Serbia gained independence from the Ottoman Empire – After independence from the Ottoman Empire, Serbia also wanted other Balkans to gain independence. They supported the liberation of Serbia in Bosnia under Austrian rule.

4. Slavs wanted to unite with other Slavs no matter what country they lived in – the Serbs were the basic group of nationalists; Slavs had nothing to do with the WWI starting.

5. Each of the great powers considered its military strength superior to the other – militarism is the act of creating a great army. All of the great powers were growing their military to make it the best.

6. Russia deployed its troops – Russia was an alliance in Serbia and moved troops to the Serbian aide.

7. naval race – Great Britain had a very strong navy and the German military buildup focused on building their own navy to revive Great Britain.

8. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy – these three countries have formed a military alliance agreeing to defend each other.