According to the text, what are some of the values apparent in the iliad and the odyssey? a. materialism, literacy, and artistry b. humor, hospitality, and humility c. honor, courage, and eloquence d. equality, liberty, and justice


The correct answer is C.

It was the honor that led Hector to fight for his country, Troy, against the invaders. It was the honor that led Achilles and Odysseus to fight in the war and gain glory.

Courage is also shown in The Illiad ‘s many battles and is an important element in Odysseus’ s adventures and dangers on his return journey to Ithaca as described in The Odyssey.

Conversely, Eloquence plays a greater role as a core value primarily in the character of Cassandra, to whom the god Apollo clung to the gift of omnipotence and, therefore, could not convince any citizen of Troy the impending fall of the city, despite seeing it in dreams.