What does UFO stand for? – SoeTrust

What does UFO stand for? – SoeTrust

UFO Full Form is United Future Organization

UFO United Future Organization Science Fiction
UFO Un-Finished Object Performing Art
UFO Universal Format Outputter Softwares
UFO Un- Funded Obligation US Government
UFO Ulead File for Objects (Ulead PhotoImpact) File Extension
UFO Undrinkable Fleischmanns Obscenity Funny
UFO Unleaded Fuel Only Transportation
UFO Un Filtered Offering Computer Security
UFO Ulead File for Objects ( Ulead Photoimpact) File Type
UFO UHF ( Government
UFO Underground Funk Operatives Funny
UFO Underground Freak Out Funny
UFO UFO Moviez India Limited NSE Company Symbol
UFO Unidentified Flying Object Miscellaneous
UFO Unknown Form Object Computer Database
UFO Undeniably Fanciful Observation Funny
UFO Usb Firewire Organizer Computer Networking
UFO Underestimated Flying Osmond Funny
UFO Tanimlanmamis UçAn Nesne Turkish
UFO Unidentified Foul Odor Funny
UFO Uncontrollable Fergie Obsession Funny
UFO Ultra Freak Out Military
UFO Unbearable Flatulent Odor Physiology
UFO Ultra-fast Optics Electronics
UFO Undercover Fencing Operation Law
UFO Unlimited Financial Opportunity Stock Exchange
UFO Ultrahigh Frequency Follow-on Military and Defence
UFO Unbelievable Financial Opportunity Stock Exchange
UFO Unidentified Fur Object Funny
UFO University Finance Office University
UFO Unidentified Flying Odd-ball Funny
UFO Unidentified Flashing Object Funny
UFO Unidentified Function of …. Softwares
UFO Unknown, Forgotten, and Overlooked Military and Defence
UFO User Friendly Odorless Community
UFO Unidentified Function Object Computing
UFO Unofficial Frolijah Obsession Funny

What is UFO?

  • UFO acronym meaning?
  • Full Details of UFO?
  • Full Name of UFO?
  • Is it acronym or abbreviation?
  • Expand full form of UFO

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