Swift used satire in “a modest proposal” to an aspect of english society.



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A modest project is a Juvenilia shepherd’s essay written and published by Jonathan Swift in 1979 which suggests that the Irish people could alleviate their economic troubles by selling their children to rich people. This shepherd’s essay mocked heartless attitudes towards the poor as well as British policy towards the Irish people in general.

This essay by Jonathan Swift is widely regarded as one of the greatest examples of ‘enduring irony’ in English history and the first part of this essay tells the story of the relentless youth in Ireland. In the story, Swift goes a long way in supporting his argument and also lists the preparation styles for the children and also the calculations that illustrate the financial benefits of this proposal. In simple words, Jonathan Swift makes a clear critique of society in this essay, ‘The moderate praise’ and points out how a rich class treats a bad class.

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