🙂 match the words in bold to their meanings within the context of the excerpts.


The words in bold match their meanings in this way:

CLOY’D → Too sentimental.

There are a number of phrases in the sentence that make us understand the meaning of CLOY’D in context, phrases or words such as “high sadness” that express the act of showing or feeling terrible sadness, dissatisfaction, melancholy. On the other hand, we are “cloyed” which means something about being sick. Both words have meaning related to mood which is why “too sentimental” is the best choice.

2. HALF IMPAIRED → Partial damage.

When it says “half”, “one greater shadow” and “one less ray” it shows the impartiality of something and also when it says “impaired” which is synonymous with damage and damage, give me the “partial damage” select “” option.

3. HEAD → Reluctant or unwilling.

The first sentence is a question that says “what are these men or gods?” and the next part shows some confusion but really all he wants to do is “pursue something”, go after it. So depending on the context of the excerpt the right choice is reluctant or unwilling.