How does the excerpt satirize pardoners?

O by stating that they are lazy when they talk to
by illustrating their sinful behavior outside the pulpit
by suggesting that their sermons are scripted
by implying that they are unwilling to learn from their


By suggesting that their sermons are script performances

Additional Explanation:

Canterbury’s stories are known as the Magnum Opus in the field of literature and were written by Geoffrey Chaucer. It is a collection of 24 stories written in such a way that the leader has a different learning experience in each of the stories from this collection. It tells of a competition run by a group of pilgrims who travel together from London to Canterbury because they want to visit the shrine of Saint Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral.

It was seen as the greatest contributor to English literature as it was the cause of the rise of English in mainstream literature. All the characters in the story express different views on the reality that leads to the creation of an atmosphere filled with experimentation, empathy and relativity.

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2. Who is most likely to fall under the original jurisdiction of the supreme court?

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Grade: High School

Chapter: The Canterbury Tales

Subject: English


The Canterbury Tales, Pardon, Geoffrey Chaucer, Pilgrims, deeply corrupt, greedy, abusive, Empathy.