FEDERIGO’S FALCON- commonlit Summarize the various complications, or moral dilemmas, utilized in the story. How, if at all, do they resolve themselves?


In “Federigo’s Falcon” by Giovanni Boccacio, Mona’s dilemma is on how to ask Federigo to give her Falcon to her son who is sick because that’s what her son asked for, the dilemma of missing a man who loves her but does not she has the love returned to favor. and she is worried about building any source of income Federigo has.


In this story, Federigo is a talented young man who fell in love with Mona Giovanna and in an attempt to persuade and seduce her, he falls into poverty because he was exorbitantly spending his money to court her .

When Mona Giovanni’s husband dies, she and her son move to the country and live near Federigo. when her son becomes ill, he asks Falcon Federigo to cure him and that’s all that Federigo has left. Mona then visits Federigo, He orders her to kill her Falcon so that they can eat at dinner since he has nothing to offer her but Mona asks Federigo to give her the Falcon. he broke down in tears because it was a difficult attempt. but alas Mona’s son died afterwards.

Eventually they decide to marry each other as Mona says she will have no one but Federigo.