1. when macneil asks, “when before human history has so much humanity collectivity surrendered so much of its leisure to one toy, one mass diversion? ” what is this persuasive technique called? a. repetition b. generalization c. a rhetorical question d. a controversial question 2. when macneil says that much of television news is, “machine gunning with scraps,” he means that? a. television news covers too much violent crime b. television news stories are too short and fast c. television news covers war too much d. television news lacks high-tech equipment 3. which of the following best describes the idea from macneil’s essay referenced in the previous lesson? a. it is an opinion presented through an appeal to and emotion b. it is an opinion presented through an appeal to authority c. it is a fact presented through a appeal to emotion d. it is a fact presented through a appeal to authority 4. something that is trivial is a. insightful b. important c. unusual d. insignificant 8. which of the following uses the indicative mood? a. i will feel flush after i get my very first paycheck for this job b. i am going to be very wealthy when i receive my inheritance c. if i were rich, i would get convertibles for both of us d. if i win the lottery, i hope you me spend the money 9. which of the following sentences is written in subjunctive mood? a. if the sun is shining, then i will wear sandals. b. it was the weekend, so she slept until noon. c. my health teacher recommends that i eat five servings of vegetables a day.” my answers: c b a d b d b a c


C is the answer to number one D is the answer to number two