Which statement best describes John Dalton’s use of creativity in his work? He reinterpreted and retested Joseph Proust’s results. He used a philosophy to conduct his experiment. He recorded his results as four parts of the atomic theory. He rejected Democritus’s idea that matter was composed of atoms.


The correct statement is,

‘Rewrites and re-examines Joseph Proust’s findings’


John Dalton was an English chemist who made a significant contribution to the field of Chemistry. He published his theory of atoms in 1808.

Dalton was the first to identify a workable distinction between the elementary particle of an element (atom) and a compound (molecule). Atomic theory usually summarizes the laws of chemical composition which include:

-> law of stable composition and

—> multi-proportion law.

John Dalton was getting creative in his work by redefining and re – examining the findings of Joseph Proust. Joseph Proust was a French chemist who first discovered the law of continuous composition in 1794. This means that many began working on the atoms before John Dalton discovered it.

From Proust’s previous work, he studied tin oxides and found that their masses were 88.1% tin and 11.9% oxygen or 78.7% tin and 21.3% oxygen (tin (II) oxide and tin dioxide respectively). ). Dalton re-examined and noted from these percentages that 100g of tin will combine with 13.5g or 27g of oxygen; 13.5 and 27 create a ratio of

Dalton rewrote it by finding an atomic theory of matter that could elegantly explain this common pattern in chemistry – in the case of Proust tin oxides, one tin atom will combine with one or two oxygen atoms. I hope this helps, thank you.