Which action is he best example of direct observation identifying which bird was present by the tracks that it leaves in the sand at a beach reading numbers on a heat sensor to conclude that there is a deer in the night listening to a cricket chirp at night and counting the number of chirps per minute determining the seal population of an island by counting seals in 10 square meters of the island


15). All over the world

16). Adaptation

17). I’m not sure but I’m going to say (None of the above, or DNA).

18). Chance

19). The Hardy – Weinberg Equation is expressed as P ^ 2 + 2pq + q ^ 2 = 1

20). The Population

21). Natural disaster

22). Founder Effect

23). Included in

24). Human Height

25). Human Birth Weight

26). Both extremes

27). Stabilizing Selectin prefers intermediate alternatives, and acts against extreme phenotypes. Phenotypes from a range of Phenotypes.

28). Genetic Modification

29). Population

30). In the same Geographical Area

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