3.3 roadblocks to two-way communication answers1. most of us use roadblocks from time to time. some common mistakes we make might include: x a. not asking for clarification when you don’t understand what is being said.x b. smiling even though you are really upset.x c. assuming you know what is going to be said.✓ d. all of the above.2. shaquan’s mother is trying to discuss the week’s calendar with him. while she is talking he continues to work on the computer and turns up the radio. what communication roadblock is he using? x a. avoiding subjectsx b. mindreadingx c. silence✓ d. tuning out3. some things one should not do when trying to communicate efficiently include: x a. look around the roomx b. look at your watchx c. roll your eyes✓ d. all of the above4. josie and billy have dated so long they often are able to finish each other’s sentences. although they think it’s cute, it can be the beginning of which communication roadblock? x a. mixed messages ✓ b. mindreadingx c. different outlooksx d. tuning out5. silence can symbolizex a. hostilityx b. lack of interestx c. boredomx d. a and b only✓ e. all of the above6. the following can assist in positive communication✓ a. having another person presentx b. making sure your point is made no matter whatx c. trying to find something to focus your attention on7. why are i messages so important in effective communication? x a. so you can dominate the conversation.✓ b. so the person you talk to will not become defensive.x c. so you can mind read.x d. so you can avoid a topic you don’t want to talk about.8. which of the following are roadblocks to effective communication? x a. mind readingx b. avoiding subjectsx c. silencex d. i messages✓ e. a, b and c9. referring to the example of kyle and mixed messages in the work file review– kyle may have been more successful if he: ✓ a. removed his facial piercing ornamentsx b. wore his blue jeans that were tattered at the hemx c. had asked the director if he could have a cup of coffeex d. asked for an interview during closing time, so all the parents could see him10. asking questions is an indication you are interested in what the person is saying and that you are listening.✓ truex false


1. D (haha one direction – sorry)
2. D.
3. D.
4. B.
5. E.
6. A.
7. B.
8. E.
9. A.

Anyway, you know your answer choices show the right answer, right? 🙂 have a nice day x