Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker for new Sensation Coffee Brewer in 6 Minutes

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Hello guys! Are you still using the manual step to make a cup of coffee? Leave it and change to Wilfa Precision coffee maker so you will drink with a different sensation. By the way, it is a coffee maker from nordic which appears more sophisticated. This machine matches for you like the coffee lover and the people who often stay up late. Usually, people like to do that because of their job. However, the Nordic people use this tool to drink their coffee in the morning. Where to buy Wilfa precision coffee maker?

The Role of Wendelboe was Successful Wilfa Precision Coffee Maker

The Wilfa precision coffee maker comes from Wilfa home appliances company. Svart Precision is the first part which responsible toward the product. Seemly, it collaborates to the Espresso bar Wendelboe Team. Svart chooses the team because it had ever won the world champion of the barista in 2004 in Nordic. In fact, Wendelboe is the owner of microbreweries and the training center. Even, the team still has several awards such as below:

  • Received an award from Allegra European Coffee Shop as ‘Extraordinary Contributor to European Coffee Industry’
  • 2005 World Cup Champion
  • Nordic Roaster 2009
  • Nordic Roaster 2008
  • Nordic Roaster 2010

Meanwhile, the coffee maker from Wilfa won the Red Dot award for the classy design category.

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Let’s Get Acquainted with the Specification of This Coffee Machine

The presence of Wilfa precision coffee maker is to introduce a new science of making coffee.  Along with the high precision and consistency, the machine will result in a perfect coffee brew. It is because the machine has a lot of superiorities such as:

  1. Has a design with a removable water tank to get fresh and clean water to make a delightful coffee. It implies you can clean the tank easily after usage. The manufacturer designs the tank from the safe plastic cylinder with an elongated shape.
  2. Providing the right ratio of coffee to water because this tool has followed a new coffee measurement. The water tank has an indicator or rule for how much water and coffee powder is right. The water tank has a maximum capacity of 1.25 l for 75 grams.
  3. There is Flow Control to perfect the ratio between freshly ground coffee and fresh water. With this tool, you can determine the amount of coffee according to your taste. The flow control not only provides three choices during the brewing process. However, Wilfa uses 9 steps such as stopping water flow, half, and full.
  4. There are two color options such as silver and black.
  5. This machine uses aluminum for the base and arch with a blend of minimalist lines.
  6. Wilfa requires 2,200 watts of electricity. This tool may not use connecting cables that are commonly used at home. This method can result in short-circuiting due to temperature rise in the cable. Therefore, you must still use the cable from the direct power outlet.
  7. There is no need for a manual to use Wilfa because there is already a power button next to the base. Press the button again and the indicator light again starts flashing.

In fact, Wilfa precision coffee maker is capable of making coffee in only about six minutes for 1.25 l of water. This tool uses a temperature of 96 degrees Celsius with an average perched in numbers 93-94. You also use this tool for 25 people in less than half an hour.

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