Stone Resin Bathtubs Make your Bathroom Superior in Design and Quality

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The bathroom has changed into the most serenity place at home. It becomes the space to start and end your activities. Nowadays, it becomes one of the most essential areas so that you should give more care to the room. Complete the design with the resin bathtubs. This tub not only changes your bathroom stunning but also perfect its function.

In putting the bathtubs, you cannot do it carelessly. You have to consider the quality of the material. Find the best quality of the item through the resin bathtubs reviews today.

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Stone Resin Bathtubs vs Stone Tub vs Acrylic Tub

There are a lot of types and materials for your bathroom decor. You may use the freestanding, claw-foot, and others. Meanwhile, many people recommend using a stone resin bathtubs. It has premium quality than acrylic, cast iron, fiberglass, and tile. If you do not believe it, let compare one by one:

  1. Stone Resin Material vs Stone

Resin stones come from original stones, polymer resins, and natural minerals. Whereas, cast stone tubs only use concrete slurry and not resin. The bathtub of this material is mostly resistant to discoloration due to water. For example, marble stone bathtubs that have a mixture of limestone, resin, and a clear gel top.

Stone resin tends to tend to be lighter and cheaper than the stone tub. It is also easy to clean and no cracks arise because the gel layer does not run out. Stone resin bathtubs are porous, resistant to mold, bacteria, stains, dirt, heat, abrasions, chemicals, peeling and damage.

  • Stone Resin vs Acrylic

Acrylic tubs take material from vacuum shaped acrylic sheets reinforced with fiberglass. However, acrylic tubs need more proper reinforcement during installation, especially at stress points. In addition, scratches on the final layer of acrylic tubes will change color over time. This bathtub also needs more maintenance from time to time.

Stone Resin Tub vs Cast Iron and Fiberglass

Next, it is the comparison between the stone resin bathtubs and the cast iron. Then, you will compare it to the fiberglass tub. Well, which one better? Let’s see:

  • Stone Resin and Cast Iron

Cast iron tubs are much heavier than stone resin tubs and are the most expensive. This cast iron bathtub also requires extra care by avoiding abrasive or acidic materials. In essence, the stone resin is superior to cast iron bathtubs regarding cost, weight, and installation.

  • Stone Resin vs Fiberglass

Bathtubs from resin stones have an advantage over fiberglass tubs. It is in terms of beauty, durability, heat retention, durability, and comfort.

In addition, you need to compare it with the tile material. Comparing with porcelain bathtubs, the stone resin has advantages in terms of style, heat retention, durability, care, and comfort. The most important thing, the stone resin bathtubs are advantages from the other materials.

Now, you just search the real bathtub at the store. Even though, it will be better in case you increase your bathroom design through the contractor. The bathroom contractors are many around you. Quite find them on the internet and get the customer service contact.

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