10+ Jeep Bunk Bed Design ideas to Build Kid’s Extraordinary Imagination and Soul

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Most people suppose that the jeep bunk bed is only for boys. In fact, the parents who want to create an adventurous spirit must enter it in their kid’s bedroom. Let’s your son and daughter has the same goal as the adventurer.

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Build their imagination since they are kids through this jeep bunk bed plans. On the other hand, this kid’s bedroom furniture is able to give a unique sense to their room decor. Moreover, the bed comes complete along with the wheels and ladder.

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Jeep Bunk Bed for Shared Bedroom Decor with Spacious Playing Area

Give a comfortable space to sleep and play in your kid’s bedroom. The children should have a lot of spaces to play both indoor and outdoor. Create the bedroom as cozy as possible for them. Let the jeep bunk bed gives more attractive sense through charm that arises from its unique form. Besides that, this twin bunk bed has several superiorities such as:

  1. The size is twin over twin
  2. Contemporary style
  3. It has a top bunk with ladder access
  4. There are safety guard rails on the top bunk
  5. It matches for the twin size mattresses
  6. It uses metal as the materials
  7. The overall dimensions are 102 “Lx 59” w x 66.25 “h
  8. Mainly, the color is green
  9. Front hood table
  10. Price is around $ 459.00

The technical detail of the furniture item includes some information. It has 175 pounds for the weight and height of 5.5”. Meanwhile, the width reaches 45.6” and the length is 76.8”.

The Other Types of the Bunk Bed in Jeep Theme

The jeep bunk bed ideas for kids are more than that. You can offer other styles with the same theme for them. At least, you may offer these second designs such as below:

  • Jeep Bed Plans

It is the twin size car bed where the size is smaller than the prior bed. This kid’s bed design is only for one kid. It looks cute with various colors such as green, pink and the rest. Although it includes a single bed, the designer adds it with a ladder. It has a plate and big wheels.

  • Safari Jeep Bed

The safari jeep bed comes with black and white finishing resemble like a zebra. It will bring high imagination about animals and the jungle. Apparently, it belongs to the safe furniture item for kids. It is because the material of the bed does not add paint.

  • Camo Jeep Bed

The camo jeep bed resemble like the army jeep bed idea. It uses a tent with an army tent where the appearance does not like a bed. The kids can play freely around the bed while playing their own characters.

In conclusion, the jeep bunk bed is the unique bedroom furniture item for kids. It adds the nuance of the room become so exciting. They can sleep, play, and study properly in their room.

Definitely, this kid’s furniture set eases them to sleep alone. Such as you know that kids sometimes be afraid to sleep alone. However, the bed with jeep car design changes everything. They have a good imagination and dream through this item.

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