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Fire common occurs in the urban area where it makes people lost wealth and even lives. It is because the fire along with the smoke traps them inside. Luckily, there is a fire rated interior door as the solution to out of the flames. Occasionally, people call it as the fire door or the fire resistant interior door. It becomes part of the fire protection by reducing the spread or the fire and smoke. Thus, the occupants will get the way out of the fire or save themselves.

Fire Rated Interior Door Components

As your information, the fire rated interior door becomes passive fire protection. It turns out not only building which needs the system but also the ship and other structures. Between in the US and Europe, there is a bit of difference associated with the door. However, the purpose of the door utility is similar. Below, there are some components to design the door suitable for the standard role. It consists of:

  1. Material combination

The designer may use glass, gypsum, steel, wood, vermiculite-board, aluminum, and GI.

  • Hardware door

The hardware of the door must be able to be the automatic closing thing or hardware. It forms the ball bearing hinges, gas seal, smoke seal, and the positive sticking mechanism.

  • Stamp

In general, the edge of a fire door has a fire identification seal that can consist of an intumescent strip. This component can expand when exposed to heat. Afterward, there is a Gasket to prevent the release of smoke and neoprene weatherstripping.

The intumescent seal indoor design is indeed very important in the performance of the door assembly fire rating. Here, seals can vary either from chemical composition, expansion rate, expansion volume, or combustion characteristics.

  • Windows

Some fire doors with integral windows have passed the door test and are subject to the overall door product certification. Fireproof windows have materials such as glass wire mesh, liquid sodium silicate, ceramic glass, and borosilicate glass.

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Trustile “Safety without disturb Style”

The point is installing the fire rated interior door is so essential for people.  Nowadays, it is not difficult to find a manufacturer that makes the fire door. One of them is the Trustile where it dares to design the security door without putting aside the style. Here, you can:

  • Get numerous fire doors in custom style

The manufacturer usually provides it for 20 to 90 minutes fire rating. Besides that, it also maintains the thickness of 1 ¾.

  • Design your own door here

The tool of the door eases you to configure the panel.

  • Choose one type of door according to the requirements of Category A and Category B.
  • Using a glass house that gets flow approval
  • get the door according to the standard TruStile attachment profile
  • There are more than 120 standard door styles
  • Glass has curves or fingers
  • flexible for special door styles
  • The maximum glass area is more than 3,000 square inches

How to contact the Trusttile? Firstly, you can open the website on Secondly, you can visit the office in 1780 E 66th Avenue, Denver, CO 80229. Remodel all of the doors of your room immediately. Put your trust here as the best fire rated interior door designer for your living.

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