Costco Bathroom Vanities Carry Natural Materials in Elegant Outlook

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What do you think about Costco bathroom vanities? You should agree to the common people that said it is as one of the best design in the world. It is able to give a charming sense for everyone who enters the bathroom.

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The vanity along with its attractive design is ready to deliver you to the next surprises. On the other hands, the outlook of the vanity will spoil your eyes and face properly. What sorts of the bathroom vanities from Costco that you can get? Let’s check it!

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Costco Bathroom Vanities for Single

Costco bathroom vanities release two sorts of styles such as single and double. The single design still comes for a bachelor with one sink. Here, it gives many choices it is such as:

  1. Newtown Single Bathroom Vanity

This first bathroom vanity comes from Beachcrest Home with various sizes. You can use it from 48” and 36 “ according to your need. The first size has $879.99 and the second is about $ 603. 64.

Both vanity sets take a solid wood as the frame or the cabinet. Then, the patterned tile cover on top to adorn it. In fact, those bathroom furniture items offer three elegant colors. You can take it in white, black, or grey.

  • Modena Single Bathroom Vanity

At this time, the furniture bathroom set from Andover Mills has 24”. You should spend about $ 379. 99 and $ 882, 00 to take it home. Differ from the prior design, it does not give many drawers and a cabinet.

However, it is enough to fulfill all of your necessaries in the bathroom. It still offers the same color theme and material. Let it steal your vision when you enter the room.

  • Antoinette Single Bathroom Vanity

Birch Lane releases a beautiful bathroom vanity in 32″ at $ 567. 98. This interior furniture item still carries wood and tile materials. Even though, the design is quite different.

Double Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas

Next, Costco bathroom vanity shows another type with double sinks. When you have more than one sinks, you can use it together. Here are some designs that you can see:

  1. Newtown Double Bathroom Vanity

Beachcrest Home comes back with the double bathroom vanity sets. For this case, the size is 60″ and 72″. Certainly, both have a different price where the first size takes $ 1019. 99 and the second is $ 1149. 99. Seemly, this brand still brings the same color option.

  • Madi Double Vanity Sets

Madi double bathroom vanity furniture set comes from Interior Willa Arlo. By the way, the size is 72 inches with the price of 1189. 99. Besides you get double sinks, you also get double stunning mirrors. The mirror has an exotic silver iron frame in round color. It has double cabinets and many drawers.

  • Raven Double Bathroom Vanity Set

Lastly, there is Raven double bathroom vanity from Andover Mills. In the size of 60 inches, its sales the furniture design has the price of $ 1208. 99. It also gives double mirrors and stylish metal handles.

Okay, those are two sorts of Costco bathroom vanities both with single and double sinks. By the way, the price above can change anytime without notification. Therefore, quite make it as a reference. Thanks for reading!

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