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Do you feel there is something lack in your kitchen design? It seems all of the furniture set and accessories have been complete. Unluckily, you do not use Bed Bath Beyond Kitchen rugs where it has a charming style. This brand will perfect the sense and design of your cooking space.


By the rugs and mats, you are going to see creating amazing kitchen sense is so easy. Moreover, the Bed Bath Beyond rugs for the kitchen offers various choices. You can buy it which has a pattern, plain, runner, square, until washable. 

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5 Beautiful Bed Bath Beyond Kitchen Rugs in Natural Theme

The kitchen always put at the rear part and often links to the backyard garden directly. Certainly, the Bed Bath Beyond kitchen rugs with the natural pattern will not make you guilty. Moreover, the choices are such as the following:

  1. Bacova Sunflower Kitchen Rugs

Decorate your kitchen while bringing warm weather through the rug. Bacova kitchen rug with the sunflower pattern will amuse you from the bad winter. The rug in 18” x 30” is also suitable for any kitchen decor in all year round. Get it in $29. 99!

  • Bungalow Flooring Blue

The rug offers $39.99 with blue and red color mixing. Beautiful flower pattern makes the rug looks eye-catching. Apparently, it is not only attractive on the appearance but also the quality. It combines sponge rubber on the back and woven polyester on the front to spoil your feet.

  • Nourison Fantasy  Kitchen Rugs

Could you guess how does the price of this beautiful rug? Nourison Fantasy kitchen rug with Lilly bloom pattern only comes in $19.99. This beautiful rug in aqua color featuring scrolling vines through a careful manufacturing process. Use high-density hand-hooked for softness and durability.

  • Weather Guard Kitchen Rug ($59.99)

Weather Guard Kitchen Mat or rug comes with a rustic barn floor. This rug has a painted floor looks just like an old wood surface. It has a low profile, non-slip backing, 25 “x 60” size, and washable with the machine.

  • Home Dynamix Kitchen Rug ($24.99)

The Home Dynamix kitchen rug carries your kitchen to the tropical sense. It has beautiful ocean waves and shells as the pattern. The rug which is only for indoor use is quite multi-purpose and anti-fatigue. It is also slip resistant, water repellant and has a non-skid back.

2 Plain Pattern Kitchen Rugs

Bed Bath Beyond kitchen rugs also provide you with another style which is patternless. Here are two plain motive rugs for your kitchen:

  1. Comfort Pro Onyx Green

Comfort Pro Onyx kitchen is ready to run Up the look of your kitchen. It will your feet relaxed and comfortable when cooking, washing dishes or doing food prep work. Get this long green in $129.99 with a size of 2″ x 5″.

  • Garland Town Square Kitchen Rugs

At this time, Garland Town Square collection gives a timeless appeal rug which is easy to care. These extremely durable cans with daily wear only have $ 9.99. It is a perfect place to stay in the house where the colors are various. You can use it in red, blue, brown, gray, and so forth.

Well, those are the amazing collection of Bed Bath Beyond kitchen rugs. You can turn your kitchen into what you want. Do it easily and economical!

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