Barns with Living Quarters from DC Builders’ Project to blend with Nature Perfectly

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Do you feel tired with a busy and polluting city view? Move and find the best place to start your career. Revive your childhood along with your memories in barns with living quarters. This wooden house is ready to realize your new dream of raising horses.

Perhaps, this idea sounds quirky because you will stay in one roof with your horse. Apparently, the barns with living quarters floor plans now differs and better. Moreover, you use DC Builders which is able to durable and cozy living.

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Barns with Living Quarters and Cottage

Formerly, the barns with living quarters not only for farm business but also the others. Usually, this living chooses the place with the natural view around. It can be a special attraction for people who live far from the place. Actually, you may build a cottage for them who want to pull over from the atmosphere of the city.

Certainly, it is a great idea and you may not gain it. In essence, this wooden house design will give you double benefits. You can use it alone along with your family or rent it as the unique Cottage.

Asking for DC Builders for this case makes you more saving money. Besides that, this contractor still gives the other advantages such as:

  1. Use a reliable post-and-beam-construction method to get long-term durability.
  2. Provide a spatial layout with an open concept to get an extraordinary luxurious atmosphere. So, this place is perfect for accommodating friends or relaxing with family.
  3. This contractor uses quality heavy wood from the Pacific Northwest.
  4. Do work according to the client’s ideas and creativity.
  5. Build while paying attention to livestock security and cost efficiency.

DC Builders really cares to the clients or the customers so much. The company serves the clients in some ways. It provides  88.975.2057 to call them and dial 888,988,5833 for sales. Customer Service is at 971.206.4832 and you can request Catalogs (offline and online). Meanwhile, the address is in 10984 SE 232rd, Damascus, OR 97089.

One of the DC Builders Project-Burlington Hose Barn with Living Quarter

Well, it is one of the projects from DC Builder in Burlington, North Carolina. This beautiful Burlington barn has four horse stalls, a dining room, and a tactic room. Here, owners can watch their horses through the window in the kitchen. The kitchen is directly opposite the horse stall along with the bedroom and living room on the ground floor.

Meanwhile, the barns with living quarters have a spiral staircase leading upstairs. The central hallway turns into an office space with access to a cantilever deck. It also links to the beautiful views of the property and bedrooms. DC builders use a class structure for wood frame connections and powder-coated hardware. Then, it completes with the dark wood stains and top-of-the-line riding hardware.

Okay, that is the example of the barns with living quarters from DC Builders. Actually, you may see other projects both from the website and catalog. Do not worry, this contractor is really capable to create the barn with wonderful nuance. Your life will blend with nature without being disturbed by bad stables. DC Builders has thought about it well. Prove it!

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