Baking Bread in Dutch Oven for a Yummy Taste in Crispy, Crust, and Smooth Texture

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Bread is very important for the life of European and some countries in the world. It is because this carbohydrate from the wheat become the main food for them. It is the first source for their carbohydrate and energy. Baking bread in Dutch oven gives you an extraordinary experience. The Dutch oven has a big contribution to the taste of the bread though you make it homemade. Even, the baking bread in Dutch oven recipe is suitable for the beginners in the baking world. By the way, what is the secret of the oven?

Baking Bread in Dutch Oven

Baking Bread in Dutch Oven for a Crispy Crust and smooth inside B

Baking bread in Dutch oven has different taste and sensation from the more modern ovens. Even, you do not need to add oil to the baking sheet. The most important thing is the oven has a current unique way. Apparently, there was a reader from California who works to made the bread from the pan on the Dutch oven. The reader also success to make big bread from the round dough.

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The successful emerges on the dough which uses a mixing ingredient for Irish potato bread. Obvious, it only needs about 45 minutes to finish the baking with using 10 charcoal briquettes underneath. Then, there were 14 charcoal briquettes above the pan (Dutch oven). During the baking process, the reader occasionally turned the lid. All people dream about a crispy crust bread with a smooth structure inside. In fact, the Dutch oven is ready to realize it in 10 following steps:

  1. Start with heating up the pot along with the lid on 500o F in 20 minutes. You can use the pot in 7 1/ 4 liter for 1 ½ pound of bread.
  2. Make a dough from the flour, salt, yeast, and water in boule form.
  3. Put and let it swell on the parchment for 80 minutes.
  4. Slice the dough in some lines in ¼ deep. Pour dry flour above!
  5. Put the dough along with the paper on the pot.
  6. Close the lid and open it after 15 minutes.
  7. Keep baking without the lid in 450o F to get a caramel outlook. Do it for 15-20 minutes depend on the size.
  8. Take the bread from the pot with a spatula.
  9. Let it cold in the rack.
  10. Cut after the bread really cold.

The Benefits of using the Dutch Oven for you

The Dutch oven is the perfect tool to make homemade bread in a simple way. Although it includes a traditional tool, the taste of the bread is really fantastic. Moreover, there are some benefits to using this oven such as:

  • It is more eco-friendly with charcoal bracket.
  • It uses an enamel cast iron as the material.
  • Match for the beginners.
  • Let you recall your childhood time with the taste.
  • It results in a perfect round bread.
  • No oil to bake (oil often make the bread is easy to burn)
  • The taste is more delicious.
  • Create your recipe alone.

Yeah, those are the greatness of the baking bread in Dutch oven. The bread is healthier without oil. Even, it is able to make a crispy and crusty bread with wonderful smooth structure taste. Tasty!

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